Flamingo Dining Room

I often reminisce about the homes we used to live in and realized that one of the best transformations we’ve worked on was never documented on here!

So here it is:

Our old home in Portland, Oregon had a small room in the back of the house that was meant to be a laundry room. It was dark, dingy and a complete waste of space. We decided to turn it into a combo laundry and dining nook. Tim and I (with the help of a few friends) did all the work ourselves.


The first thing we did was replace the solid door with glass french doors to let in more light.


We moved the washer/dryer to one side of the room, stacked it, and installed sound muffling doors. Lastly, we laid down new bamboo flooring.


I painted the whole room dark green, hand painted the flamingo wall and voila, a whole new room.

before after.jpg