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Peel and stick wallpaper: How To

I know wallpaper can be intimidating, but like most things you've just got to take the risk.  I've used pre-glued, not pre-glued and as of late, peel and stick.  All of them are fairly simple but probably the easiest and most forgiving (and reusable! although I haven't attempted to re-use yet) is peel and stick.

Here is a step by step process using paper from my partnership EazyWallz, you can find the exact paper I chose HERE.  Our mural came in 5 strips and it was custom cut to fit the wall.

This type of wallpaper can easily be hung by one person but since our ceilings are so tall and we had to use a ladder it was much easier with two people for the top portion of the mural, once we reached the height that didn't require a ladder I was able to apply it alone. 

First:  peel back about 4-5 inches of the backing across the top.  Press that strip onto the wall.


Next:  slowly and evenly pull the backing away, as you do this press the paper on to the wall.  If you notice wrinkles or bubbles you can easily peel it off the wall and readjust.  


That's it!  A couple tips though... After you have applied the first strip of the mural to the wall make sure when you start the second piece that everything lines up pattern wise.  If you notice that the pieces are starting to overlap as you place the second strip at all you cannot just stretch the paper to correct because by the time you reach the end of the mural the whole thing will be askew, so peel it off and start over. Also, although you can remove the paper and re-apply you need to be very careful because the paper loves to stick to itself, it will come apart but it's no fun.

20171126_131827 copy.jpg

So there you go, give it a try!  Here's a code for 20% off!  LIZINSTA20 at EazyWallz

The Perfect Rug

Finding the right rug for our living room has always been a challenge for a few reasons:

1.  The room is large.. large enough to have two seating areas and every time I put a rectangular rug in front of the couch it severely divided up the space and made it feel less open.

2.  We have wild dogs that run like maniacs across the floor and I was sick of de-crumpling the rug every day.  

3.  The living room already has A LOT going on and as much as I love a busy space, every rug seemed to busy and distracting.

So, my 'crisis' was ended after discovering the perfect rug from ARMADILLO & CO.  It's perfection in our busy living room because the natural color blends nicely with the floors adding great texture without being too busy and the round shape keeps the flow moving in the room.  Plus it's thick and has a nice grip on the bottom that makes it impossible for the boys to move it around!  

Thanks to Armadillo for creating the perfect rug for our home.  I wholeheartedly appreciate a company with good values, that support Fair Trade practices and use natural and sustainable fibres.  Plus their rugs are designed in Australia and we all know I have a sweet spot for that place!

Black Geometric Wall

I know everyone is curious about the black wall... What's it made of?  How is it attached to the wall?  So here's everything you need to know to make your own and how ours came about...

Our living room is a busy space with all the artwork and the infamous couch and I really wanted the black wall to be simple so it wouldn’t compete with the gallery wall but I didn’t want it to be boring and plain either.  I’m not exactly sure where the idea came from but I knew that texture would be a good solution.

Bo's contribution to the black wall pattern.

Bo's contribution to the black wall pattern.

We had a thin sheet of plywood laying around so I traced a ton of triangles and Tim helped cut them out with a miter saw.  Of course our dog Bo played a part in this too.  I had several triangles laid out on the ground trying to determine a pattern and just after I snapped a picture Bo came running through and scattered the edge of the layout which turned out to look pretty interesting so I ran with it and used his thoughtful design on the wall.  I used matte black spray paint on the top of the triangles and left the edges raw (the black wall is painted with Behr Broadway in a semi-gloss) then used a nail gun to attach them to the wall.  TaDa!