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The Perfect Rug

Finding the right rug for our living room has always been a challenge for a few reasons:

1.  The room is large.. large enough to have two seating areas and every time I put a rectangular rug in front of the couch it severely divided up the space and made it feel less open.

2.  We have wild dogs that run like maniacs across the floor and I was sick of de-crumpling the rug every day.  

3.  The living room already has A LOT going on and as much as I love a busy space, every rug seemed to busy and distracting.

So, my 'crisis' was ended after discovering the perfect rug from ARMADILLO & CO.  It's perfection in our busy living room because the natural color blends nicely with the floors adding great texture without being too busy and the round shape keeps the flow moving in the room.  Plus it's thick and has a nice grip on the bottom that makes it impossible for the boys to move it around!  

Thanks to Armadillo for creating the perfect rug for our home.  I wholeheartedly appreciate a company with good values, that support Fair Trade practices and use natural and sustainable fibres.  Plus their rugs are designed in Australia and we all know I have a sweet spot for that place!