This post is thanks to a gifted collaboration with The Whole 9 Yards.

I recently decided to reupholster our couch cushions. The first time I paid someone to do it for me because it felt overwhelming, this time I decided to attempt it myself and it wasn’t so hard. I found the fabric at one of my favorite stores I discovered in Portland Oregon called The Whole 9 Yards. They are a small business with a great selection of fabrics. The black and white upholstery fabric on the couch was from them and unfortunately it’s out of stock but I found a great pattern called Campfire that would be a similar alternative. We had this fabric on the couch for three years with two wild dogs and it still looks like new!


We also used a gorgeous palm fabric called St Kitt for our RV dining benches and it was excellent.


I’ve documented each step of the process below so if you are considering a project yourself this may be a good reference of how to start.

The first thing I did was remove the old cover so I could get an idea of how she sewed it. I was surprised to find out she used one large piece of fabric and simply folded the corners to create the rectangular shape.


So, I took measurements and cut the fabric to the correct size, then folded it in half, right sides together, and sewed along the two edges. The fabric I chose is called Vivo Spicy Spice and it’s velvet.


After that I pressed the corner into a triangular shape with the seam running down the middle and measured in 2.5” from the tip. I drew a line across and sewed it. When the fabric is turned right side out you can see it created the corner for the cushion which measures 5” thick. I repeated that step for the other three corners.


Next I removed the zipper from the old cushion and pinned it along the edge of the new fabric which I folded back a half inch. The area circled in red is very important. A little piece of fabric should be sewn on to each end of the zipper to prevent the pull from fully sliding off the teeth of the zipper.


The whole process took me about a day to figure it out and sew.


I love the new bold orange cushions, it feels like a whole new couch.


I’ve chosen some of my favorite upholstery fabrics they currently have in stock listed below. I actually had to stop selecting fabrics because there were too many and my list could go on forever…

If you are interested in any of these fabrics or anything else currently in stock on their website (Whole9yards) you can call or email them to order and mention you found them through my blog or instagram to receive a discount! Valid through August 31 2019.